Embracing Life

By Emeka Anyiam

Surviving the Struggle by Learning to Embrace the Experience
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Excerpt from Embracing Life

The word “embrace” originates from the Latin term “bracchim” and is referred to as “embracer” in Old French. Embrace means to encircle, surround, enclose. How in much of our lives we embrace certain things we love, places. However, many parts of our lives’ circumstances we do not embrace, such as feelings we do not accept, circumstances we reject entirely. In fact, there are certain situations or conditions our society frowns upon that are utterly unacceptable, such as bullying, racism, terrorism and illegal activities. In some cases, due to high expectations and pressures from our society, some tend to violate their own morals by embracing morals that contradict their own, just because our society says to. Sometimes, in some situations, we also allow some individuals to determine what we should or should not embrace in our lives. Allowing others to have total control over oneself could stem from many areas of life, including how one was brought up and changes made along the way.

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“Embracing Life” demonstrates how to become the best version of yourself while maintaining healthy relationships with others. It details the idea that facing different struggles or challenges is a part of life which, when accepted and used properly, can help us instead of harm us. It also describes the steps to accepting those challenges and explains how to refocus and develop it into a course of action. “Remember that time you thought you wouldn’t survive? Well you did and can do it again.”~Anonymous Don’t forget you’re human. It’s okay to have a meltdown. Just don’t unpack and live there, Cry it out. Then refocus on where you’re headed. Life is beautiful. ~Anonymous